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He said he really enjoys being able to share the role of Billy Elliot with four other dancers because it allows each of them to bring something different to the character.

“It’s very cool how each of the boys’ characters is different in a way,” he said.

It was believed that this combination of interrelated and supporting functions would work in harmony to promote ethical conduct.

The comprehensive ethics program rests on four pillars: 1) the code of ethics, 2) the ethics education program, 3) the oversight of the ethics commission, and 4) the office of the ethics administrator.

Even the finest code of ethics would be rendered ineffective if government officials did not understand its provisions or why those provisions were there and what their importance was.

An independent ethics commission continually monitors the activities of government, recommending amendments to the code when appropriate and advising on policy matters, as well as ruling on ethics complaints.

Subcontractual work is directed by a team from the University of Kansas.

And finally, the ethics administrator supports the ethics commission as its executive agent and is responsible for comprehensive ethics education and for engaging in ethics investigations and preparing advisory opinions.

Implementation of the Unified Government Code of Ethics and management of the jurisdiction's comprehensive ethics program are contracted out.

Zach began dancing at the age of eight and quickly learned that dance was his passion.

He took dance instruction at the Woodbury Dance Center.

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