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So I'm wondering: how will I know if an earthquake has caused a tsunami? Thanks in advance for your help./u/aaronb93, If you have an internet connection at the time, seek tsunami info (after the quake) via: well as: radio stations such as KNX (AM-1070) as well as Weather Alert Radios, are more likely to be of quick help when you don't have an internet connection, and timely information about a tsunami is needed.Weather Alert Radios, more common to other parts of the nation, can be readily purchased on-line.The event page will usually have a tsunami link somewhere in there. An underwater landslide triggered by an earthquake might do it but predicting those isn't much of a thing since it is so unlikely. Huntington Beach tests the sirens every month on the first Friday IIRC.If there's an advisory or warning, it'll be there. If you can't get on the internet, the sirens will hopefully warn you. Most walki-talkis now-a-days will get the emergency broadcast channels.Those types of earthquakes are almost unheard of in Southern California.It is possible but very unlikely - there are scenarios with a magnitude 8-ish earthquake off the coast of Ventura or Santa Barbara.

I think it more likely that a tsunami in LA would be more like a bad flooding than a water based bulldozer leveling all in its path.A large tsunami off Venice would result in water being pushed up the coast towards Santa Monica and Malibu and down the coast towards Manhattan Beach and Palos Verde.Tsunamis formed by underwater sea quakes, like that of Fukushima, propagate in ways similar to a stone landing in a pond.News radio however, as well as weather radio, is more likely to be of quick help when you don't have an internet connection, and timely information is needed.They, along with a battery powered AM radio as well as news stations (do we all truly know them?

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