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Gilmour, who at this time is spotting for talent that he can assist, is persuaded to listen to the demos and then to hear Kate perform. The songs recorded at this stage include Passing Through Air (later to surface on the b-side of the 1980 single Army Dreamers) and a song now known as Maybe.

In March 1977 Wuthering Heights is written at the full moon.Initially her parents plan to move there, but after a few months they return to England. By 1971 embryonic versions of songs such as The Man With the Child in His Eyes and Saxophone Song begin to emerge.Kate follows her elder brother John and begins to develop her poetry.After Kemp goes to Australia, Kate trains with Arlene Phillips, choreographer of Hot Gossip.In August Kate takes her driving test again and passes.

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There was undoubtedly only one artist who would have had the bloody mindedness, nerve and beautifully skewed imagination to pull it off.” Reportedly, a number of big-name attendees were in the audience, including Björk, Lily Allen, and Madonna.

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