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For example, in the text area I input a date (format: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS), and I'd like to output between the span tags M-D-YYYY. I'm totally lost here and hoping someone can help me out. Code: hi Guys, I have the following codes: var date1 = new Date(From Date); My problem is 'new Date' function covering the date into mm/dd/yyyy format and I want it in dd/mm/yyyy format.any suggestion please, Hi All, I wonder if you can help me with some time and date formatting in JS.I also have a bit of JS which watches the ckeditor and when a user types into it, whatever they type appears in a div elsewhere on the page.My ckeditor allows the text to be bold, italic, underlined and resized.My guess is that the browser or framework you are using doesn't apply bold and italics styles to those tags.You'll have to do that yourself." I've tested on several browsers, I checked in FF Opera Safari Chrome IE8 & IE9 and its the same in all them.I already use a neat date formatting JS script which is useful when a PERL script returns a date field of 'DATE' by converting it from yyyy-mm-dd to dd month(in text) yyyy: I have, however, run across a little problem where I have results coming through with date AND time, e.g.

I am trying to put together a web interface for a process which downloads a number of XML files and then processes them.Regards, Neil Hello, I have looked through a tutorial that does text gradient without the use of images. For example: Code: I'm trying to reduce the height of input buttons, but am unable to center the text vertically. I am trying to make it where the user can name the link whatever he/she wants.... links[i] = Position.value; Where link Position is a variable. the javascript post is as follows: Code: there is a little bit more to this(just a handle response).I found this tutorial: only the first "SPAN CLASS" gets gradiented and the other spans don't. What I want to know is if the span is something like 240px in width how can I make it so if the text inside the span tag is to long and puts the text onto a second line how can i make a cut off point in the text to stop the text moving to a new line and adding '...' if the text is to long?? Alexis I have text being called from an array, however my HTML formatting in the array is not working. Tried every css trick I know, but the text is still too low (I can make it lower : P). My issue is that when the data is passed through javascript newlines and breaks disappear, so when i call the saved data it is presented as one long string with no formatting.Does anyone have any ideas how to keep formatting during this process? I have the following code pasted into my website and it works, but I want to modify it in the following ways: 1) I want the text to only scroll for a maximum of two visible lines at a time.2) I want the text to scroll only once and then remain in place.

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I am usimg Java Script / j Query / AJAX to initiate the process on the server, one file at a time, and to display progress information after each step.

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