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Not fully controlling, but it was my first taste of what it was like to control a social interaction.And I think for those reasons, I did very well with his material.And I was talking about this stuff that at the time I could do somewhat consistently.

This interview will be spread into 5 parts throughout the course of the week.I was a bit intimidated, and I didn't want to meet up with him alone, so I flaked on him. Now, I got to admit, I was a little bit intimidated to approach girls in front of this guy. I mean, he talks about this Golden Bubble stuff, I don't know if he was breaking rapport intentionally, but I did not feel that "Incredible Connection" with him.And he wrote me this angry e-mail back, you know, accused me of being a sociopath because I flaked, you know. So anyways, he was outside, he saw some girl out there, he started chatting her up, I come outside, and he tries to get me to talk to her.Well, what happened was, these guys, as soon as they got home, posted to the SS List: "I'd been studying this stuff all these years, and thought it was fake. And there's this guy, Swinggcat, who can make out with girls within 5 minutes using these very sophisticated techniques." Well, within about 10 minutes of them putting this post up on the SS List, I get a private e-mail from Ross saying "Don't post what you did, I need to meet up with you immediately." So we made plans to meet up, and I gotta be honest with you, I was excited to meet up with him.At that point he was kind-of a big name, you know, I'd learned all this stuff from him. Thundercat: (Laughs) Swinggcat: So anyways, we meet or whatever, and Ross, being the guru, takes the frame and he says that he thinks we should go over to the nearest Starbucks and sarge... So we all walk over to Wilshire and I go kind-of inside the coffee shop to see if there's any "honey bunnies" as Ross calls it.

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