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A new name Gwinnett County investigators said Hill processed several name changes in South Carolina, where he is originally from.According to South Carolina law, one can legally petition a court for a name change.“The division must make the appropriate changes to the petitioner's criminal record.”The details surrounding Hill’s name changes are not clear.Gwinnett police confirm the man had legally assumed the name “John Martin Hill” when he moved to Georgia.According to Gwinnett County police, he was previously known as Gregory Dutton, Gregory Davis, George Hill, Maverick Mc Cray and Gregory Hill, and was wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Once the money changed hands, the woman did not hear from him again, Pihera said.

However, divorce and family law attorney Carolyn Bone said that process is accompanied by a series of affidavits and a 15-minute court hearing.

“You have to provide all the names you’ve ever used,” she said.

“You have to state if you are trying to evade an arrest or warrant.” South Carolina law also requires a person petition for a name change to undergo a fingerprint and criminal background check.

“If a petitioner is found to have a criminal record as indicated by the background check and the court grants the petition for a name change, the clerk of court must notify the State Law Enforcement Division of the petitioner's new name,” the law states.

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Hill connected with her on, police previously said.

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