Im dating a stripper good 1 year dating anniversary ideas

T-Pain never used the device to make his voice sound unrealistically perfect.He used it to screw it up and make it do what the human voice technically could not.What T-Pain was was perfectly of the time, at the crest of a tidal wave of R&B and hip-hop strip club-set bangers.Every genre has its songs about strippers, from punk to country, but no other genre has been both chronicler and soundtrack of the business like the hip-hop of the last decade, and its ascendance coincided with T-Pain's.It's so sweet in intent and minimal in instrumentation it's possible to imagine the Flamingos singing it.The ubiquity of "I'm 'n Luv" made it unlistenable for a while, a victim of overplay and its own catchy simplicity.

Certainly the novelty was the draw for those who had.

It directly led to the rise of (and subsequent call for the death of) Auto-Tune, cemented the end of rock's reign over stripper anthems, and heralded a new, rich era of songs about the feelings and activities inspired by looking at naked women dance.

That's a lot to lay on one single, but the reaction it received bears out its impact.

Last year, T-Pain recorded the most popular Tiny Desk Concert in NPR history, accompanied by a lone keyboard player and joking that his Auto-Tune had been surgically inserted.

"Buy U a Drank" unplugged turned out to be a smash with NPR listeners.

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