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However, profiles that mention drugs are more than likely a cover for someone in your area who is running a covert sales operation and wants you to be his newest customer.

Generally speaking, a dating site drug dealer might correspond with you normally at first, but then quickly bring the conversation to whatever drugs they are selling.

Fake profiles are generally used to mine information from unsuspecting singles, or to convince you to download malware (generally disguised as a photo file) that will steal your data and put you at risk.

Individual profiles are often used by scammers, but even worse are entire websites created for the same purpose.

You probably have heard stories about first dates ending before they even began because the other person wanted to meet somewhere completely inappropriate.This will likely include offers to come and “party” with some friends, followed quickly by a veritable shopping list of different strains or varieties of illegal products and their prices. Do you find yourself having to apologize just because you’re ready to end the conversation after a few hours?Does the person assume you’re not interested because you didn’t reply to a text right away?Though it is one of the fastest-growing ways for singles to meet each other and form lasting relationships, there are definitely those who use the sites for dishonest purposes.With this in mind we’ve compiled this list of nine of the biggest online dating red flags and online dating scams uncovered in recent years.

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