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Amiet Pierre, Suse, 6 000 ans d'histoire, Paris, Éditions de la Réunion des musées nationaux, 1988, p. A couple of years ago, the site launched a panicky fundraising campaign, but ironically thanks to Donald Trump, Wikipedia has never been as wealthy or well-organized.A thin groove running around the sides may indicate the presence of a metal element formerly embedded in the hair - a headband, hair arrangement, crown or diadem - but which is now missing.This head reflects both the general characteristics of Parthian art and local particularities related to the art of Elymais (southwestern Iran).The wrinkles on the brow have parallels in the sculpture of Masjid-e Suleiman and Kalchayan; the symmetry of the arched eyebrows are reminiscent of certain heads found in Luristan, while the eyes and incised details are closer to the bronze statuary of Shami. The arrangement of the hair remains unique in the sculpture of the period, in which hair is shown longer. Kawami, Trudy S., "Monumental Art of the Parthian Period in Iran", in Acta Iranica, 26, 3e série, vol. It is another troubling sign of a general trend around the world: The very idea of knowledge itself is in danger.

Similar incisions trace the wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes.

Though its tip is damaged, the straight line of the nose remains discernible.

The hair is styled in a complex manner: sinuous, triangular tresses have been wound back onto the sides of the head; in the center, a long, thick lock of hair follows the same movement.

He was followed a century later by another Persian scholar, al-Khwārizmī who, in addition to inventing algebra, produced an encyclopedia covering what he called indigenous knowledge (jurisprudence, scholastic philosophy, grammar, secretarial duties, prosody and poetic art, history) and foreign knowledge (philosophy, logic, medicine, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music, mechanics, alchemy).

The Chinese had their own encyclopedia dating back to the 7th century.

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The head was sculpted separately, then added to a body, and held in place with a wooden or metal pin.

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