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Therefore PLconnect is a COMMUNITY where people living with HIV/AIDS meet and connect to build lasting relationships, psychological and social support systems. You can find our uniqueness in the exclusivity of PLconnect. Our mission is to promote concordant relationship which we believe will stem the tide and reduce further spread of the virus. Life is more beautiful with love so they would have easier ways of finding love rather than living in silence and depression.As a matter of fact, PLconnect is the No.1 dating site specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. We are not only focused on them finding love, we are building a support system where persons living with HIV/AIDS have access to PL councillors to guild them through the journey. People living with HIV/AIDS sign up on the platform and provide evidence that they are actually living with the virus. Is this site exclusive to people affected by the stigma? There several social network websites devoted for different sets and categories of people.We list our best six decisions for the best dating destinations for the HIV/AIDS people group.Every one of the destinations offer free participation, however you can get to cutting edge includes just through a move up to a paid enrollment.Speaking with THE NATION, Dennis tells Joseph Olaoluwa more about the site and the numerous functions it carries out. As young people living with HIV, growing their sexual behaviour and it’s implication on HIV prevention is of concern.“How will I ever find someone to love when I am HIV positive? We are leaving no one behind and showing inclusiveness. Valentines’ day, a day earmarked for the celebration in several climes round the world.Dennis Akagha, Team Lead for PLconnect has devoted his time to establishing a community where people living with HIV/AIDS meet and connect to build lasting relationships, psychological and social support systems.

() At least 30 people have been killed in a triple suicide bombing in Nigeria Kenyan patient declared free of Ebola, as Congo and Uganda fight the outbreak South Africa amplifies its campaign against HIV/AIDS by encouraging people with high risk of infection to go for testing and use Pr EP, Aids preventative medicine.

These days everybody in Nigeria seems to be talking about Michael's agency. He'd already been visiting people with HIV in hospital. "When I looked into their faces, I caught myself thinking this is no life for them and I wondered how I could help." Women under pressure to marry The official figure for the number of people with HIV-AIDS in Nigeria is 3.5 million, but the real figure is probably twice or three times as high. Yet women in Nigerian society are under pressure to find a husband and get married when they are young. In many African cultures, a marriage without children isn't a proper marriage.

Those who know they are infected generally keep this knowledge to themselves. 35-year-old Gloria is one of the women whom Michael has been able to help.

when you include HIV/AIDS or some other STD to the condition, it can turn out to be substantially more confused.

The most handy approach to meet others experiencing a similar condition is to meet them on dating locales devoted exclusively to such profiles, for example, Positive Singles, HIV People Meet et cetera.

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