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Guild was late to the Electric Bass game and did not introduce a Bass Guitar to their product range until the "Solid-Body" JETSTAR was introduced sometime in late 1964, but production examples were not seen until 1965. The Starfire Bass was introduced sometime during 1965 and it took a little time for the dealers to get inventory and sales to get going as it was an unknown model.

These likely didn't emerge until very late 1965 or early 1966.

According to records, only 76 basses were made the 1st year and this is one of the original models with the early, 1st generation pickup.

Coupled with a late and slow start and a quick production change to the larger Bi-Sonic pickup, it is easy to understand why an early-feature model like this is VERY seldom seen. These early, 1st variety Starfires were fitted with a small, single coil, Hagstrom-made pickup from Sweden, whose bridges were also utilized.

Not only is this early feature Starfire Bass rare, it is even more scarce to find one in such well preserved, uncirculated and beautiful condition.

I acquired this bass from a talented local LA producer/bassist friend about 25 years ago while running my Vintage store.

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All of the electronics, frets, nut, tuners, finish, and both the plastic and chrome plated metal hardware are all correct and original to the bass.

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