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For the 1997 general election, the Ceredigion branch of the Greens endorsed Dafis as a joint Plaid Cymru/Green candidate, but this generated controversy with the party, with critics believing it improper to build an alliance with a party that did not share all of the Greens' views.

In April 1995 the Green National Executive ruled that the party should withdraw from this alliance due to ideological differences.

The Party returned representation for the first time on the councils of Cornwall, Devon, and Essex.

It also takes a progressive approach to social policies such as civil liberties, animal rights, LGBT rights and drug policy reform.

The party also believes strongly in nonviolence, basic income, a living wage, The party comprises various regional divisions, including the semi-autonomous Wales Green Party.

Internationally, the party is affiliated to the Global Greens and the European Green Party.

The Green Party of England and Wales was established in 1990 alongside the Scottish Green Party and the Green Party in Northern Ireland through the division of the pre-existing Green Party, a group which had originally been established as the PEOPLE Party in 1973.

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