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Write the combined keywords in column 2 of the worksheet, this is your username list. Now you will have several usernames that are downright awesome. So after you create your list of usernames, email them to a few of your girl friends.

But there will be a couple that girls find irresistible. Your new irresistible username is one part of the online dating puzzle. I typically use these examples as a good starting point, to help brainstorm the best usernames for my clients.

Be my guest to email the guy and tell him his username sucks.

While Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps generally require users to use their real names (at least, their first names), Ok Cupid has long allowed online daters to mask their identities with usernames like Daddyz Princess29 or unicorn__jizz.

But now, the dating site has decided to forgo those bad usernames of yore — and users will have to flirt with their true personas.

But OKCupid would like to make this possible for him in future: GV4e1DW— Girl on the Net (@girlonthenet) December 22, 2017And we’re done, @okcupid - you went from being a safe place for poly, queer, trans, and other marginalized groups to making a decision that has me deleting my account without a moment’s hesitation. Beckett (@Cooper SBeckett) December 22, 2017This will lead to a mass exodus of women.

Being a woman on @okcupid already makes you a target for entitled, misogynist men who don't have good boundaries.

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A few kick-ass character names are: Tyler Durden, Morpheus and Donnie Darko. It sounds like some prehistoric monster fish that evolved one long squirly bucktooth. Well not until some smart marketers decided to change the name to Chilean Seabass. Here are a few examples: Ok — Ok, whoever uses that, when you get your dream girl, you owe me big time! Always use properly spelled words in your username.

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