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You see a couple on a date, it means there's still courage out there. Men buy new shampoo instead of adding water to a nearly empty bottle of shampoo. It's the difference between a relationship that ends because "I just need more time to work on me" and one that actually stands a decent chance.It takes courage to go on a date, for both sides."Of course, this is Louis C. Tina Fey: Humans Will Do Anything in the Pursuit of Sex While we're out there bravely dating and seeking adult relationships, it's important to stay grounded with one very simple truth: Humans will still do just about anything for sex.

Secondly, have you ever seen a person laughing and thought that person looked unattractive? People who are happy, giddy, laughing and smiling look good!

"Dating is a real drag for a lot of people, but I always think it's a nice thing.

You know, when I see a date, I'm always happy when I see a couple on a date because it means people are still trying.

"Until I was 30, I only dated boys, as far as I can tell. But the point is vulnerability is the key to happiness. celebrate the idea that you're in love and that you love the idea of being in love." Of course, there is a caveat here: Poehler doesn't recommend jumping in headfirst.

Like the very wise lady she is, she makes sure to point out that it's important to let your brain come along for the ride too. What other dating advice have you gotten from funny people?

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So, if your guy is funny, he will be laughing at his own jokes, and you will be laughing, and you will look better to each other.

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