French dating customs in france

But even if our hearts are sold on the fairytale, deep down we know better.

We know marriage takes hard work and patience and 42% of them end in divorce.

After all, you spend so much time with this person, shouldn’t it be the person who you laugh with the most, tell everything to, likes everything that you like, and is generally just a good friend?

Wouldn’t life be boring if you spent it with someone who was less than your best friend?

For one, they know that mystery is a good thing in a relationship.

Scrolling through anniversary posts on Instagram (i.e., “Happy two years to my best friend!!! ”) will clue you in to the trend that intertwines romance with best friendship.

I, myself, am a believer in seeking a partner that doubles as a best friend.

They don’t go to the bathroom with the door open and they don’t feel the need to tell their partner everything (of course, this is different than keeping secrets, which is never okay, even in the French person’s modern relationship).

They don’t have to do everything together, and prefer to have at least some separate interests, friends, and routines. They would never even imagine finding fulfillment in a man or a relationship.

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In the country that brought us the City of Love, maybe it’s worth noting the aspects about relationships that are specific to France and how they believe true love really works.

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