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I tried looking through the curtains, but they were thick enough so nothing was visible outside. The first time I saw this place, were the curtains closed? I looked around the floor and on the bed, but it was not there. The footage has been suddenly replaced with a recording of myself. In it, I was using the computer, drinking a beer and eating a snack. There was something strange about the video though. I turned on every light, looked in every corner, below my bed, behind the shower curtains, behind the fridge, inside the closet. You just know OP was referring to this sub, which has been getting a lot of front page attention in the last few weeks. One of the top threads of all time from that sub is a PSA from 8 days ago mentioning that they were being invaded because of an /r/askreddit thread.

In the bedroom camera, I could see the bedroom and the desk as usual, but not the laptop. It obviously wasn't live, it was a recording from my own laptop's webcam. The silhouette of a person was standing by the window. I barely knew how to use a knife to cook, but I grabbed one anyway. But they still needed to know how to find this person's computer. I explained to an officer what happened, how this person spied me through my webcam. It's still hard to sleep though, thinking I could have ended up like that person who was tied up and crying desperately in the stranger's house.

Deep inside I felt like I was doing something wrong, but curiosity got a hold on me. Every evening when I got home, I would tune in some webcams for just a couple of minutes. I felt bad about it, but I simply couldn't hold myself. I could pay attention to the windows, or see if I could find any papers or documents, or anything that could give me a clue of its whereabouts.

One cam in particular showed several police officers at somebody's front yard, then a few minutes later somebody was being carried out on a stretcher. But each passing day, I felt my curiosity creeping inside me.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. He said it was like a common thing to get drunk and watch people shoplift and shit.

It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. He said he actually started to try and locate the location of the store.

He said sometimes he would be watching his footage and sometimes he would be watching there's.

That person could have been killed, which would explain the police. I searched the internet for a while trying to find anything about it. What if I posted something and this person found out about it? He probably wanted the audience, and I decided to not give him that. I opened my snacks, had a couple of beers and after a couple of hours I had my mind out of this matter.

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Schools, backyards, streets, factories, offices, laboratories. But others showed people working, passing by or otherwise going about their business, completely unaware an stranger on the internet could be watching them. After a while the company corrected it he thinks cause it just stopped doing it one day. This is why you should cover your webcam with tape or something.

From what I read, many surveillance systems were not properly configured and when connected to a wi-fi network, ended up visible on the internet, without even requiring a password to access. But he says he always wondered if they could see him like he could see then on days his footage was correct. I recently went out to to eat with my parents and we met with a family friend at the restaurant, anyway he showed us on his phone that he could hack into other people's webcams in the area with a few clicks of a button, there was a ton within its range to access.

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