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I even went to the extent of shaving my naturally bushy eyebrows because someone said they looked like caterpillars.Well, jokes on you now Rachel, I hope your big, blank, eyebrow-less forehead is doing well.In a half-remembered interview that I can’t believe I actually spent the time to read, Tia Tanaka’s childhood was outlined thusly: born in Indonesia to a half-French, half-Vietnamese mother and her douchey Vietnamese dad whom Tia has never even met.She grew up in New York, then moved out to California and did her first dirty skin flick at the age of 18. On one hand, her sex addicted pops fucked around a lot, but stack that number against the Asian male population of I dunno, PLANET EARTH – I’d say her chances of accidentally doing the bone dance with a blood relative is like me trying to shoot a bullet in mid-air with another bullet.

As an inbetweener, learning the customs and traditions of both cultures was a must in order not to offend my parents.Every Chinese New Year, my relatives would talk about how I was bigger than all my petite aunts and uncles because there is obviously nothing more interesting than criticising someone’s body right in front of them.If I had a dollar every time someone said this to me, I’d be able to afford plastic surgery to look like J-Law. But as part of the 0.4% population in Singapore, growing up as a minority was nothing short of a constant identity struggle.As a kid, I detested the first day of school because of the mandatory introduction we had to give. But for me, it always turned into a 3-minute Q&A about my life.

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When it first happened to me at 15, I shrugged it off as the waitress’s misjudgement.

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  1. A self-involved or pessimistic man is especially bad. At the moment my biggest disadvantage is that I haven’t been in a DTRed relationship in so long and have been faded on so many times I have built a life all by myself, so I am comfortable and even happy alone and it takes a lot to get me excited or feel like the effort of dating and getting faded on once again is worth leaving my comfort zone. So after two weeks dating I decided to take a step further.

  2. Moreover, this would even keep you away from harmful and malicious programs which you might encounter on your hunt, that usually ends up messing up things for you eventually.