Error ocurred while updating

I change my setting to factory setting or reinstall spyder, delete .ipyton folder but I could not solve my problem. I am a beginner and I really do not know what should I do now?

thanks @steff456 and @dalthviz, this is the error I was telling you about.

According to @nadianaji's report and the Stack Overflow question I referenced above, it seems related to Tensorflow, Keras or Theano.

@ccordoba12 Sure, I can try to repro it by that method after I get an environment set up, but if you're after the cause of the message in general rather than a particular manifestation of it (I'm not sure its actually one specific error, but a symptom of various potentially different lower-level problems), I have at least one semi-consistent way to trigger it, as I have encountered this error message before on other issues.

Assuming it doesn't, please describe in detail how you installed Keras and any other related packages (with just Thanks for your detailed response, @CAM-Gerlach.

Yes, I confirm that I got the below error as shown by you: An error ocurred while starting the kernel: b'' I have not switched any options in spyder.

WARNING (theano.configdefaults): install mkl with `conda install mkl-service`: No module named 'mkl' WARNING (theano.tensor.blas): Using Num Py C-API based implementation for BLAS functions.We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Sign in to your account I have seen a lot of posts of people who have the same error as I.I also get the message: b'' Im unsure what it means.issue to any specific dependency versions, since we haven't found a reliable way to reproduce it despite several attempts. the one that is giving you the kernel error however you normally do, and see if the error text below the message reads from the default/same as Spyder option.Try restarting the kernel to make sure that doesn't fix it.

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