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I repeat this motif from time to time; I used it to similar effect on #5, I had pitched a few different ideas, although the dress one was my favorite.

I wanted to put Buffy in a dress that she might ogle at in a magazine, with a pronounced sigh, but never have any practical occasion to wear…considering her on-the-slay life style.

Paul, who is her dead not-boyfriend, was just relieved of duty via a bullet to the brain.

Harding has going on calls to mind human trafficking and is extremely disturbing but is also a great plot device: naturally, it would have been great if the possibility of the emergence of such an industry had been examined more while the show was actually on, but it was great to get a glimpse of just how out of control the tech has gotten amongst the rich and powerful.

They needed 20 paintings completed in 3 months…I was totally out of my element both in subject and time frame. I was living in NYC at the time and when I went home for the Christmas holiday, I brought some of the paintings with me, so I could continue to paint… Steve: I’d imagine so, I think they were happy with my ability to render likenesses as well as the manner in which I interpret story content beyond the surface.

#6 (the Giles and spiky hand imagery) without risking a pummeling from Dark Horse.

I can say that I’ve always been fascinated by nesting dolls or objects splitting in half or housing other objects…

it carries into metaphors about secrets, inner worlds and/or past-present relationships.

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"Disappointed" is the word that springs to mind after finishing this film for the first time.

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