Encountered error 1612 while updating

Even if you're getting the 500 error on a site that doesn't sell anything, like You Tube or Twitter, as long as you've let them know about the problem, or at least tried, there's little more you can do than wait it out.If you're not using an off-the-shelf content management tool, your web hosting provider, like In Motion, Dreamhost, 1&1, etc., probably has some 500 Error help that might be more specific to your situation.

If the 500 Internal Server Error message is appearing at check out during an online purchase, it might help to realize that sales are probably being disrupted — usually a great incentive to the online store to fix the issue very quickly!Somehow after trying for the sixth or seventh time, the problem fixed itself :) So if none of these work for you..try at least several times, maybe server is overloaded :) In the end, something does have to be removed.Besides these workarounds, IMHO this requires a fix.We're in 2019 now, surely there is a way to fix this recurring issue? if repo URL not found: skip and continue with next URL / update (without aborting as critical error and preventing any other update)? It is a cleaner / simpler solution than the workaround explained above (add trailing slash) and it worked for me...

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So either the failure is temporary and you should try again or you are out of luck and may have to use a manual installation procedure (download and unpack in plugins folder).

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