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Mesoporous silica (MCM-41) has a structure with pores oriented in a hexagonal form.

Its distinguishing feature is its large specific surface area, and it has applications in areas such as production of catalyst materials and adsorbents.

This advance makes possible the use of sophisticated computational tools to accelerate drug discovery via structure-based drug design, with far-reaching implications for drug development in neurodegenerative diseases.The unit cell of this sort of hexagonal structure is determined by measuring the d values for lattice plane spacing as shown in Fig. If the observed d values of the peaks (long period peaks) derived from the periodic structure have the relative ratios 1:0.577:0.5, then it can be inferred that the structure is hexagonal.Statistical inference on graphs often proceeds via spectral methods involving low-dimensional embeddings of matrix-valued graph representations, such as the graph Laplacian or adjacency matrix.From the TEM and SEM results, it was evident that the morphologies of the predominantly α-Au Se samples were nanobelts while the predominantly β-Au Se samples showed plate-like structures.The predominantly α-Au Se samples showed a broad absorption band with a maximum at 853 nm while the predominantly β-Au Se samples showed evidence of absorption however with no defined excitonic peak.

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Herein we propose a new structure for poly(dopamine), a synthetic eumelanin that has found broad utility as an antifouling agent.

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