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Andrew James "Andy" Baldwin, USN (born February 5, 1977, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA) is a US Naval Officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, and physician.

On November 13, 2007, he told Honolulu, Hawaii's ABC TV affiliate KITV that he was shortly to be deployed to Bahrain.

[, ] Andrea: Im so worry about nothing to hear from you!

Ill try to do it in my lunchbreak[, ] Andrea: Its Christmas 🎄. [, ] John Churchill: You say that you will send it in your lunchbreak[, ] Andrea: By the way: please give me the address of that woman, because my bank will ask me that, and I will not stand as a stupid woman there.[, ] Andrea: Can you please give it to me?

Let me know now[, ] John Churchill: I think I have told you about that[, ] Andrea: I want to do it!

Im not here to false you anymore.[, ] Andrea: But I can nothing about the German bank regulations[, ] John Churchill: Okay I can see you don't want to do it[, ] Andrea: What ? [, ] John Churchill: That's what I'm seeing[, ] Andrea: You see wrong[, ] John Churchill: Because this is what take me so much stress to get it[, ] John Churchill: Now you are making to regret ir[, ] John Churchill: It[, ] Andrea: Yeah, I have nothing to regret!

Find Andy Baldwin news..Lieutenant Commander Andrew James "Andy" Baldwin, USN (born February 5, 1977) is a US Naval Officer, ironman triathlete, humanitarian, and physician.

He is best known to the American television audience as the bachelor of the tenth season of the reality dating show The Bachelor dubbed The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

[, ] John Churchill: And if you don't want to do it, don't give me false hope that you are going to do it[, ] John Churchill: You will not like the reaction[, ] Andrea: Lets talk on call[, ] John Churchill: Because this what you made me to stress with for almost a month and if you know that you will not do it.

But I need her home address[, ] John Churchill: Thats what I sent to you[, ] Andrea: Street, homenumber, postal, city.[, ] Andrea: This is what I need from that woman[, ] John Churchill: The account number cover it, the woman doesn't give his address[, ] John Churchill: The guardian says that[, ] John Churchill: The woman says there is no way that they demand suchs from banks[, ] John Churchill: Since she has been banking in Germany for 25 years[, ] John Churchill: Do you know what the woman say again[, ] John Churchill: Do you want to know Natrlich hat das nichts mit der Adresse zu tun und ob sie das versteht ist vllig egal. Wenn die Adresse nicht kommt, kann man sich auch an die Geldwscheabteilung der Sparkasse wenden. [, ] John Churchill: Please stop texting me[, ] John Churchill: Bye[, ] Andrea: Was ist den jetzt los? Er macht ein auf Gedächnisverlust, weil er angeschossen wurde und mich nicht mehr erkennt. Ich hab meinem grad den You Tube Link geschickt Love the way you lie mit Rihanna und Eminem.

Es geht darum, dass du das Geld in bar einzahlen wirst und dafr braucht es nun mal auch die Adresse. Aber anscheinend hat die Frau einen regen Kontakt zu deinem Scammer oder einem seiner Kollegen. Dazu bentigt es den Ausdruck des Chat, bzw der Mails, welche den Betrug belegen und eben auch den Chat in welchem das Konto genannt wird.[, ] Andrea: Do have the informations I am requested? Ich sollte Bilder schicken, die ich ihm schonmal geschickt habe... Nun is er wieder ganz beleidigt das Unschuldslamm 🤪🤣Mache ihm immer die Hölle heiß vor Eifersucht, weil er mit anderen Frauen chattet 😆😅 Bisschen in Schach halten 😈Solange ich noch Bock habe! 😎 was hälst du davon ihn ein bisschen gemeinsam aufs Korn zu nehmen.

On November 13, 2007, he told Honolulu, Hawaii’s ABC TV affiliate KITV that he was shortly to be deployed to Bahrain. He was named as 1995’s National Scholar Athlete of the Year by ESPN.

Marianas Variety, Micronesia’s leading newspaper, recorded that LCDR Andy Baldwin “is part of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) team conducting recovery operations in Palau.” He is a three-time U. Andrew James Baldwin attended valedictorian of Manheim Township High School`s class of 1995 and Duke University, graduated magna cum laude in 1999.

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