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In the to: field – enter :fail: no such address here Click on Change to save your changes. Cpanel also has the ability to use Mail Filters – a nice little addon that will examine all your messages, sort them, do the action you tell it ad delivery you the results.This is an excellent method and often unused tool that can save you hours and hours of browsing spam. Discard This now automatically deletes any messages that I receive with the subject: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical so they never even get to my inbox, perfect!For example the Sober viruses sends out a series of messages that all have common subjects, you can completely delete anything that meets those exact subjects, preventing your inbox building up with spam and protecting you from viruses. For example, I keep getting spam messages with the same subject and I want to filter them. The default Apache settings that c Panel sets upon install are definitely something that can be improved on.Login to your Cpanel, click on Mail, E-mail Filtering, at the bottom top click Create a Filter. The spam messages have the subject line: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical I’d create a filter as follows: What? With a few small tweaks, the efficiency with which Apache runs with can be greatly improved.Any connection attempts over the specified limit will be queued.Once a process is freed at the end of a different request, the queued connection will then be served.Max Requests Per Child Max Requests Per Child 0 This directive sets the limit on the number of requests that an individual child server process will handle.

This is how spammers send out mass messages as well as viruses.

The higher the timeout, the more server processes will be kept occupied waiting on connections with idle clients.

It is recommended that this value be lowered to 5 on all servers.

It is recommended to keep this value at 100 for virtualized accounts like VPS accounts.

On dedicated servers it is recommended that this value be modified to 150.

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