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To quote Gizmodo writer, Darren Orf: Beyond being dull conversationalists, nowadays chatbots are being rushed out the doors of many organizations, and subsequently failing to reach their full potential due to the “me-too” attitude many organizations employ.

What marketers and organizations are promising, and the reality of the situation, are two very very different things.

Prior to Coveo, Gauthier worked for Amazon Web Services and held various positions in high-tech consulting firms, helping customers envision the future and achieve its potential.

Whole Foods uses a chatbot for its customers to easily surface recipes, and Staples partnered with IBM to create a chatbot to answer general customer inquiries about orders, products and more. Chatbots are a stopgap until virtual assistants are able to tackle all of our questions and concerns, regardless of the site or platform.

Virtual assistants will eventually connect to everything in your digital life, from websites to Io T-enabled devices.

So next time you’re considering implementing chatbot technology, be sure to have your expectations in check, understand and map your use cases, and don’t fall for the “me-too” marketing nonsense.

Chatbots can indeed be useful, just viewed under the right lens, and the right amount of data to power your queries.

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