Definition of relative dating of fossils

In relative dating the exact age of the object is not known; the only thing which made clear using this is that which of the two artifacts is older.Relative dating is a less advanced technique as compared to absolute dating.The absolute dating is also sometimes referred to as the relative numerical dating as it comes with the exact age of the object.The absolute dating is more reliable than the relative dating, which merely puts the different events in the time order and explains one using the other.In relative dating, mostly the common sense principles are applied, and it is told that which artifact or object is older than the other one.

What can complicate relative dating is when the strata is not the right way up!The main techniques used in absolute dating are carbon dating, annual cycle method, trapped electron method, and the atomic clocks.These techniques are more complex and advanced regarding technology as compared to the techniques in practice in relative dating.We can absolute date materials but it will always have an uncertainty range, we can never know the age with infinite precision.Relative dating is like looking at a multi-layered cake.

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