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Essentially, this means that pharmacists must use their professional judgement and verify controlled substance prescriptions.

Pharmacists should consult their state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) when verifying controlled substance prescriptions.

• The patient is in a long-term care facility or has been diagnosed as being terminally ill.

Generally a pharmacist cannot fill a CII prescription unless it is tendered by the pharmacy on or before the 14th day after the date of issue. The counting of the fourteen days begins on the day after the date on which the practitioner wrote the prescription, except where a CII prescription has a future fill, or “do not fill until” date written on it, in which case the fourteen days begins on the day after the future fill or “do not fill until” date.

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Missouri has just become the last state to enact legislature to establish a PDMP, as the governor recently signed an executive order.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

If you are in search of your state laws, then look no further than the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which maintains links to the state boards of pharmacy websites.

Pharmacists should consult their state rules to determine whether other prescription requirements exist.

Additionally, she received the Sheriff’s Special Recognition Award for her collaboration with the Broward, Florida Sheriff’s Office to prevent prescription drug abuse through a drug disposal program.

She has also presented at pharmacist and physician continuing education programs on topics that include medication errors, prescription drug abuse, and legal and regulatory issues.

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It is important to note that states may establish stricter laws than the CSA, and pharmacists must keep abreast of the information.

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