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Okay – you’ve got the woman to agree to the first date, and all either of you know is that it involves a meal, for example. If you asked her out more than several days in advance, be sure to call her the day before and verify that you are still ON.If you have to leave a message, that’s fine – just be brief: “Hi this is Greg, and I just want to make sure we are still on for dinner tomorrow night.

If she looks bored after a while, and stops engaging you in conversation – that is also a signal that the date should end.

If she comes over, and sits in your lap and starts kissing you – that is a sign that the evening is going great, and probably just getting started.

Everything is situational – there are countless signs that she could give you.

It might be something you said or did or didn’t say or didn’t do.

Hell – you might never even know why she didn’t have a good time … [For example, she might feel bad about going out with you because she recently broke up with a boyfriend that she really cares about.] Watch for Signs or Signals on the First Date or Two You’ve got to watch for various signs that she may be giving you which can signal how the first date is going from her perspective.

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