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We have encountered typical issues (nothing unsolvable) and we generally don’t fight.

Just what is it that makes a man see you as someone he sees as relationship material rather than something casual?But, I am also open to considering that I am wrong and should drop it. Thanks again for your hard work in this blog 🙂Dear Alex, I’m glad you brought up the mulligan thing, coined by my then-girlfriend in 2007.Basically, it means that you have to let a lot of little things go within a relationship, especially when they’re not intended to hurt you.Giving lots of mulligans to an otherwise great boyfriend is the best way to maintain a partnership — and vice versa.Anyone who has ever been micromanaged and criticized to death can appreciate it when a partner lets something go just to keep the peace. But it’s important to consider a man’s intentions — not merely his actions — don’t you think?

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To share a few tips on how attraction works with men, let me tell you about the “cool girl”.

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