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Would not recommend the end grain board and should have paid attention tot he other reviewers comments but i figured their complaints were probably due to their lack of use of the cream.

I was wrong because I know I followed the instructions for use and still they came apart after 3 weeks.

It is a genuine pleasure to prepare food on this chopping block.

I don't have a scale to weigh this on, but I'd guess about 15 lbs.

It's heavy enough that it doesn't move at all while using, if that is what you are after.

After reading the review about cracking, and talking to other people who've used these boards, I was generous with the Boos Block Board Cream right away, letting a large amount soak in overnight before using the board at all. No more little boards that slide all over the place -- this anchor remains on the counter full-time, front and center, and is central to all kitchen prep.

And I'm reapplying some of the cream every few weeks, especially while the board is new. It does not go in a drawer or cupboard at night by design (like the proverbial fold-away card table).

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