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Don't even think I got Moon past rank 1 Well I'm reversed with Yuko and that sports guy Kazushi, can I fix the by finding them were they normally stand and talking to them? One other thing, does anybody remember the days you can hang out with these two? At school and in Tartarus, she wears the Gekkoukan High uniform with personal effects: no jacket, a white blouse (long sleeve in winter & short puffy-sleeve in summer), a black skirt that goes above her knees and black knee-high high-heeled boots.She previously wore a red ribbon with a green gem, a white puffy blouse, a red skirt, white stockings and brown shoes.

I will face it head on, carrying out my father's will! The hue of the hair can sometimes appear vivid red or dark red. And we have promised to never lose hope, no matter what tomorrow may bring." Mitsuru has long red hair covering her left eye.On the weekends and days off, she wears a short black peacoat, a white scarf and white pants, along with her black boots.She is seen wearing a kimono at numerous appropriate occasions.A younger Mitsuru, seen briefly in The Answer, had curly pigtails.

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I was reversed with Fuuka once because I was dating her and Mitsuru at the same time.

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