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Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Dating and relationships have always been hard.In this day and age, however, they can sometimes seem impossible.It is truly not the man’s problem that she has these inner conflicts.They are a result of our biology clashing with culture, the misinformation spread to women and it is foremost a result of our personal hormonal cocktail.

One of these ways is the shit test in part because we’ve been told that the origin of our suffering is men (a newer phenomenon) and also because we look to the men in our lives to resolve our problems, even our emotional problems (likely a tendency since the beginning of time).You will be blamed for causing it and you will be made responsible for repairing it.“Do I look fat? And if your “no” is not convincing enough to obliterate her feeling, she will be angry at you for lying. The only way to respond to a shit test is to dismiss it or make a joke as if it’s ridiculous, but not to answer it either way. Followed by escalating sexually to get her turned on.This also shows her the attention and confirmation of affection she is likely seeking more than an answer.When you “answer” her shit test, you are acknowledging that there is a crack in the foundation.If you acknowledge the crack then you are liable to be responsible for it. If she feels fat enough to ask then your answer is contradicting her feeling.

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