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I think Statistic Brain is a fairly reliable data source, but I write this here so readers can come to their own opinion about what this data shows, and how much to trust it.The data source says “Graduate Record Examination scores” then goes on to list SAT scores. According to this comment, the scores listed are pre-2011 GRE scores, which can be found on the ETS web site here.But what is it really like dating an architect, and are these folk for you?

But when I ran across an ETS-curated data set of average student IQs by college major, I couldn’t avoid putting this visualization together.This brings up an interesting question of how valuable the SAT is as a standardized test across all majors, if a higher SAT score is really only indicating that the student is better at solving quantitative/analytical problems.Not all majors require a high analytical aptitude, after all.I’d like to see this analysis redone with the SAT scores of students tied to their final undergraduate college major rather than intended graduate school major.You’ve got one in the bag, or you’re looking to snap one up, you’re excited about a potential new life with a creative genius.

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