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Fast forward to yesterday, yesterday morning she texted me once again reminding me the offer was still on the table.

I responded by accepting her offer and asking if her apartment was free tonight. Last night I was driving to her apartment and when I get there, she opens the door and I see she has a guy friend over. It was the most uncomfortable and awkward 10 minutes of my life.

But I desperately need someone to talk to because as of right now I am completely alone.Having my girlfriend back after 6 months of not seeing her was the best. Several times I felt as I was letting Katrina down.However, the depression still lingered with me, I was frustrated, because I assumed once my girlfriend returned everything would go back to normal for me emotionally. Often times she would say to me I need to "man" up.I didn't see it in my best interest to make them angry, so I hesitated to sign the lease with the girlfriend, looking back this is and always will be my biggest regret. There was no bad blood following it, however it lead my depression into the worst state it had ever reached.Shortly after this my girlfriend dumped me out of the blue, leaving me once again with no friends, no family (close by). As I am typing this, it has been around 2 and a half months since the breakup but I still cannot get over her. Because of unique circumstances I am having to live out of my car for a few weeks in order to finish up my last two weeks at my job here in the area.

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I found myself at a kind of crossroads, not unlike yourself, and decided to seek help to gain some control over what I feel. You can update your situation if you want or you can dm me. whatever you do don't stay in your ex house .hard not to think about her ( i know its not going to be easy but try) and with time everything will be okay . For the depression part, I get over mine by looking at my high school life before relationship.

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