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Over these past 5 years of online dating, it remains a mystery how I have avoided being targeted by the “married man.”Most women who date will encounter those types at some point, but I never attracted them.(Or, more likely, they reached out to me and I unwittingly ignored them.)I never dated a married man who was looking for some on-the-sly side action.

And finally, yes, some married men do become currently separated men and then divorced men. Of course some married men really are conflicted and confused rather than dishonest.Many who return to dating quickly do so purely because being on their own scares them.Once you’re happy by yourself you can begin to make the right choices in whom to date. Do you have a job, a clean place to live, interests that take you outside yourself and a circle of friends?To be clear, I have met and dated several men who were married but separated.In my experience, though, there is a very big difference between a “married man” and a “currently separated man.”Though both types of men may be married officially, their intentions are very different. I’ve had time to reflect on what distinguishes the two types of men.

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I acknowledge that I made assumptions about what the dating world would look like prior to jumping in.

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