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Grillcloth was initially the same as used in the previous tweed era, maroon with gold stripe.

In a steel case, most were finished in a "gray crinkle" finish, baked in the Kauffman family oven.These early models are referred to as "TV-Fronts" due to the shape of the cabinet when viewed from above.The Dual Pro was the first twin-speaker amplifier, and also the first to employ a finger-jointed pine cabinet and the amp with a top-facing control panel.While the majority of the piggybacks were produced in blonde tolex, there are a few examples of the brown tolex Bassman amplifiers.Accomplishments for the company's amplifier division during these years include the introduction of the stand-alone spring reverb unit in 1961, followed by incorporation of the reverb circuit within a combo-amp design with the 1963 Vibroverb.

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