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Put simply, online tracking is the act of collecting data from a user while they are interacting with a digital service, like reading the news online or purchasing something online.Even though online tracking is an established practice, users are often not aware of the number of third-party companies that are keeping information on their online behaviour via trackers.Purchasing this data exposed a vast network of companies that are capitalising on this information without the conscious consent of the users, whom ultimately are the ones being exploited.This project attempts to make parts of that network, and how it works, visible to everyone. Exchanging and purchasing online dating profiles is common practice within the online dating industry.According to online dating experts, there are two ways to acquire new profiles: from so-called White Label Dating Services, or via more shadowy services – what might be called (as they label them on their site).Then we forensically analysed some of the images contained in the dataset we bought: first by doing reverse-image searches of the profile pictures, to see if they appeared on other dating websites; then by examining the metadata of the images.This value is obfuscated by a complex web of other companies and services.This business ecosystem does not just affect the 1 million profiles we bought, this group of individuals is representative of everyone who has ever had a dating profile on one of the online dating services that are owned by companies such as Match Group.

Any of the user data or profiles generated within any of the above online dating services could potentially be shared with any of the other Match Group brands, this is not only technically possible, but legally as well, according to the terms of use of the various apps we analysed.On November 8, Facebook announced that it's rolling out the service in two more countries: Canada and Thailand.The social network is also introducing two new major features.As seen in this analysis, the data collected, shared, traded and sold on dating app's users travels far and wide and could potentially be instrumentalised by third-parties for advertising and individualised pricing, but also to restrict your access to health insurance, credit, education and much more.We believe that exploiting this data is questionable because dating profiles might contain intimate and sensitive data on users which, if made public, might have dramatic effects on the user’s lives.

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