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The goal is to accurately decipher the best soul mate after detailing their likes, occupation and personality.Not that you'd expect the '60s to be remotely progressive about jobs for us lil' ladies, but "What Shall I Be: The Exciting Game Of Career Girls" was a board game about the many career opportunities young girls could dream of: You know, model, actress, stewardess, secretary, nurse and teacher.As you can see, we'll have to worry about our posture, makeup, and being "slow thinkers:" News of "What Shall I Be" comes from Mark Frauenfelder's roundup of five of the old days' weirdest board games, over at Offworld's parent Boing Boing.As Mark points out, look at the picture of the game 'Pie Face'.Girl Talk Date Line is an electronic\roll\spin & move board game published by Golden in 1989.The object of the game is becoming the first player to match all of your "Teen Cards" with dates and then finding a date for yourself.

Here players traverse the board based on a die roll, trying to earn 0 while matching responses with members of the opposite sex.

Like the show, the approach to romance and sexuality is somewhat PG-13.

URL: Rights: find your BF in time for the big date From Milton Bradley, Sweet Valley High simulates getting prepared for a date, including hair and makeup priorities and some unexpected issues that can derail your plans.

Look how excited, determined, committed that father and son are about getting whipped cream in their mother and sister's faces.

It all got me thinking about "board games for girls" as a concept. The Offworld Collection, presenting the very best features and essays from Offworld, is finally available to buy directly from Campo Santo for .

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