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Visual data is processed by a small patient-worn mounted video processing unit (VPU) which then transmits information to a tiny retinal mounted antenna via wifi.The signals are then sent to the electrode array, which emits small pulses of electricity to the eyes optic nerve.Although it can't fully replicate human vision just yet the patients can learn to interpret the patterns of light received. If you need urgent medical help, call triple zero immediately healthdirect Australia is a free service where you can talk to a nurse or doctor who can help you know what to do.However, the definition of prosthetic success may be at odds with the overall functional success of the geriatric amputee with a prosthesis.

Prosthetic developer/brand: Second Sight Type of prosthesis: Electronic robotic prosthetics/Optical Bionics The unique characteristic of the prosthetic: This prosthetic is specifically designed for the human eye Availability date/Price: Currently under development Second Sight has developed a 'robotic' retinal prosthesis that will improve the lives of thousands of It consists of a mini-camera mounted on specially designed glasses that transmit electrical impulses to the patient's own retina.Also, the geriatric amputee will decreased their self-selected gait speed in order to compensate for the increase in energy expenditure during prosthetic gait.Gait isn’t the only functional task that should be considered beneficial for the prosthetic user.The treatment goals, guidelines, and interventions are the same for the Geriatric Amputee as the are for a younger amputee;however, there are some salient difference that should be considered for this patient population.Special Considerations for the Geriatric Amputee: .

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Prosthetics have a long and fascinating history but current developments in robotic prosthesis are rapidly gaining pace.

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