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She bent over and he took his large cock and started probing her between the legs.She had told him that she was married and that I was into cuckolding, so she was going to see how interested I really was.She told him "follow me" and they got out of the car and walked downhill to some secluded tennis courts.She tells me that they made out some more and her hand had found its way into his trousers and to his hard cock.

" I said, "of course." Mostly because I thought I could and I also I wanted her to think I could.

We proceed to make love, me adding to her sperm collection, and then went to sleep.

She invited him over the next time, when I was out of town, bringing him into our bedroom slipping his pants down and taking his dick into her mouth giving him the first of many deep throat blow jobs.

She knows how excited I get when she is with someone else and she enjoys being a hot-wife but she has always been submissive and never pro-active. So she comes to me and says, "I always see you on those cuckold sites and I read your stories.

I have asked you many times if you wanted me to take a lover but you never give me a straight answer. Do you remember last year when I went to the pool at ten o'clock at night?

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