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As for the spirits, depending on their power levels, they could go Full Release.

But I think that won't be enough to defeat such a powerful entity.

Everything you need is here - what are you waiting for? Okay, now that that's over, what happens if he gets all the spirit powers? He gets godlike powers and the right to control the universe 2. Though his purpose is already fulfilled, they refuse to move on, no matter how many times they've been told that they're beating a dead horse. They cling to its prospect, however farfetched it may sound, even if it spells the death of the series. Maybe if it weren't for these folks who got deeper in the series because of a trap. And I would think that this particular trap did more than he should for these people.I'm sure if he did go like that, they can still pull him out somehow or let all the other Spirits regain their full power to de-power him like Tohka did in vol 10.I doubt that it is simply because they afraid he goes berserk or his Reiryoku become unstable.

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