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Though most experience an increase in the quality of service as a result of consolidation, the reverse can also happen.

“If the agency is not yet a tri-center, there are almost no detriments to co-location, and in these situations it’s likely to continue because it makes sense.” At the same time, a feasibility study may indicate that a good chunk of the potential financial savings of a merger might be offset by the necessity to hire supervisors for the new center, contract fees, or the lost investment of protocols and training that may not be used at the new consolidated center, Messinger said.Dornseif said the only sure method for public safety officials and decision makers to know what type of fiscal savings and benefits a proposed consolidation will provide is to commission a comprehensive feasibility study by an independent contractor.Potential benefits of consolidation might include budget savings based on commensurate reductions in staff, infrastructure, equipment, and other factors; improved and faster communications and coordination between agencies and agency partners; and access to more advanced emergency communications systems, technology, and standardized protocols that help eliminate mistakes.There are online clippings about agencies considering consolidating, those in the process of consolidating, and for those who have undergone consolidation, an evaluation of the results.The trend toward consolidation—fueled by jurisdictions’ and agencies’ shrinking budgets and funding sources—is irrefutable.

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center because they’re right there,” Dornseif said. centers can have a pod of dispatchers dedicated to funnel calls about that event.” Similarly, centralization, sometimes referred to as backroom centralization, is when expensive communications systems and equipment are shared between two or more agencies at a single location to reduce costly capital redundancies.

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