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My American social skills were honed by hanging out with English speakers and interning in various international organizations back in China.Being admitted to Columbia also proves my English proficiency in some way.There are times I try very hard to make a conversation with someone by asking questions or talking a lot by myself, but for some reason, they respond minimally and seem to want to move on to the next person.Once they find someone else to talk to, their facial expressions suddenly turn joyful and they become talkative, as if they are transformed into a completely different person when they are not talking to me.In order to fit in, I take pleasure in learning American street lingo, such as “Pain in the ass! There are people who are welcoming when I first meet them, but once they realize that they can’t have natural conversations with me, they only say, “hi” and then move on to talk to someone else.

The programs are available to all University departments, and the sessions may be designed to tailor and meet the needs of specific participants.

It’s understandable that people like talking to people who they find interesting or at least are on the same page.

I don’t blame people who don’t go the extra mile to pay special care to these new immigrants who aren’t experts in American culture and language.

I’m still trying to get better in this new social environment.

Fortunately, I’ve made some good local friends who are a great support system to me in many ways.

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