Christian views on dating and courtship and consolidating debt

In this episode, guest speaker, Pastor Jerome Martin, addresses the claim that the God of the Bible was forced upon blacks in order to control and enslave them.

What does the Bible say about the origin of ethnic groups? Are there examples of blacks, or dark-skinned individuals, in the Bible? These are just some of the questions that are very clearly explained from the Bible in this very informative episode. Listen as guest speaker, Brother Nestor Campbell, discusses these questions and more. How do Sigmund Freud's methods line up with Christianity? Should a Christian ever get counseling from a secular psychologist?

What should the church do if the government pushes homosexuality in the church? How should the Christian react to government changing buggery and marriage laws? Will legalization of same-sex marriage come to the Caribbean?

He proceeds to use the Bible and Biblical principles to answer many difficult questions. What or who is behind this push to redefine tolerance? Humanism has infiltrated nearly every aspect of life. What does the Bible teach about where people go after death? If you are looking for a very clear explanation about the rapture and when it will happen, this is the episode for you! What are the techniques that the media uses to shape your views?

Why does the new definition of tolerance seem like it disproportionately targets Christians? In this episode Pastor Murphy explains what humanism is, its origins, and why it is so important that a Christian be on guard against humanistic teachings. Pastor spends time critiquing a popular study Bible and discussing the character of the individual who compiled and wrote the notes. What tools do I need to successfully study the Bible?

What happens when a denomination adds to these doctrines?

Can I be a Christian if I don't believe all the doctrines of Christianity?

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What is the Biblical approach to resolving conflict? These are just some of the questions that Pastor Dr. How has pornography led to the prevalence of affairs? How can a couple restore a broken marriage after an affair?

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