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Not only does Chris run his family's farm (the Beetlebung Farm in Martha’s Vineyard), but he's also written an award-winning cookbook based on those experiences. Shayna is a chef and food blogger who runs the account Shayna's Kitchen, a hub for healthy recipes.

Ryan and Shayna Taylor dated years ago, then broke up.

Bobby: And then you invited me to the afterparty, so I took my friend and it was such a small space. It was the first time I’d been on a first date during the day, you know? It didn’t feel like an obligation — like something I do — it’s what I wanted to do. Our personal lives overlapping so much with our work lives…it glued it all together.

I can barely cook a meal once in one year for two people without cursing the entire universe and wondering why we need to julien these vegetables when they will get julienned in their mouth anyway, and still maintain my calm and composure.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.I remember being like, “Oh god, he doesn’t need my number right now. He was just a contact of mine, we didn’t work super close. I remember my coworker saying, “He’s cute, you should date him! I remember her pointing him out — she’s a great wing woman — and saying, “Oh, that guy’s cute.” I was like, “Oh yeah, whatever.” I never wanted to date in the industry, plus I didn’t recognize him instantly because I hadn’t seen him in like a year. I had another event coming up, so I emailed him to invite him. That’s the good thing about being in the restaurant business. ”Haley: I think there’s something kind of nice about emails. Eva: (Looking up emails on phone) Oh my gosh, I have them all! ” “Okay perfect what time.” “I’ll be a few minutes late.” “Actually, I’ll be on time.” This is going to be in the flipbook if we ever get married. Haley: So, after your first date…Eva: We had some really awesome first dates. All of our dates went well because we both like to try things: new restaurants, foods…Eva: Totally. ” At a certain point, you either go for it or you don’t. So after around a year I was like…Bobby: “What the fuck is going on.”Eva: That was when it came to a head. Haley: Up to that point were you acting like a couple or acting casual? He was more concerned with making sure it was right before he committed. Bobby: I was in a suit, so I was definitely out of the element of working in a kitchen. Then he came with a guy friend of his, so I was like, “Hmm…” I wasn’t sure of his intentions. Anyway, so the dancing was on a Monday night, and then we went on a day date the next Sunday. I remember you thought it was weird I asked you on a date during the day. We sat outside, had the table right by the window (not by accident). When you’re first meeting somebody, it can be awkward. We still do this, but in those first six months we would go out to so many different places. I was cool with it for the first nine months and then there were like three months where I was thinking, “I can either take it or leave it at this point.” Because you weren’t doing anything. He wasn’t just going to get into a relationship because he was a certain age or someone was in front of him and he thought it was the right next step. Haley: You waited until you were sure before committing? After that we became serious and things moved pretty quickly.

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