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Version 0.1 (1/17/02) - The first version of this FAQ. It was then that I realized that the difficulty for Dynasty Warriors 3 was turned up quite a notch. Version 0.2 (1/18/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Battle at Chi Bi. Added info on how to get Zhou Fang to defect at You Ting. Version 1.0 (1/24/02) - Finished the battle walkthroughs. Version 0.5 (1/23/02) - Added walkthroughs of The Battle of Jie Ting as well as the Musou Mode exclusive battles. Added information on getting fourth weapons and red item locations in their respective sections as a convenient reference. Version 1.3 (4/19/02) - Fixed some errors and clarified some information. Version 0.3 (1/20/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Battle at He Fei. Version 1.2 (2/10/02) - Updated various sections of the FAQ. Version 1.1 (1/30/02) - Revised the character strategies and updated some battle walkthroughs after some additional play testing. Version 0.4 (1/22/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Nanman Campaign. Added new sections for Variable Character Cut Scenes and Miscellaneous findings.

The precious item appears in a box and you'll need to find it (check the history option in the start menu) and smash it to get the fourth weapon inside.

However, they still have a limited amount of life recovery items as before.

Instead they charge up (as if charging for a Musou attack) and after a while they receive the life recovery.

This FAQ also assumes you know the basics of the game (controls, items, etc.) so it doesn't reiterate what the instruction manual already tells you. Version History Version 1.4 (6/2/02/) - Updated character quotes. Added information on Huang Gai event at Chi Bi and the Wind Corridor at He Fei Castle.

Introduction This FAQ focuses on the various events and strategies for each of the epic battles in the game.

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Enemies often use third charge attacks to stun your character.

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