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F., NULL,5023, Mexico,(5) 555-3932, NULL AROUT, Around the Horn, Thomas Hardy, Sales Representative,120 Hanover Sq., London, NULL, WA1 1DP, UK,(171) 555-7788,(171) 555-6750 BERGS, Berglunds snabbk”p, Christina Berglund, Order Administrator, Berguvsv„gen 8, Lule†, NULL, S-958 22, Sweden,0921-12 34 65,0921-12 34 67 BLAUS, Blauer See Delikatessen, Hanna Moos, Sales Representative, Forsterstr.

57, Mannheim, NULL,68306, Germany,0621-08460,0621-08924 BLONP, Blondesddsl pŠre et fils, Fr‚d‚rique Citeaux, Marketing Manager,"24, place Kl‚ber", Strasbourg, NULL,67000, France,.31,.32 BOTTM, Bottom-Dollar Markets, Elizabeth Lincoln, Accounting Manager,23 Tsawassen Blvd., Tsawassen, BC, T2F 8M4, Canada,(604) 555-4729,(604) 555-3745 BSBEV, B's Beverages, Victoria Ashworth, Sales Representative, Fauntleroy Circus, London, NULL, EC2 5NT, UK,(171) 555-1212, NULL CACTU, Cactus Comidas para llevar, Patricio Simpson, Sales Agent, Cerrito 333, Buenos Aires, NULL,1010, Argentina,(1) 135-5555,(1) 135-4892 CENTC, Centro comercial Moctezuma, Francisco Chang, Marketing Manager, Sierras de Granada 9993, M‚xico D.

However, this approach is inefficient and too time-consuming (especially when dealing with thousands of profiles). The following list describes the flow of the bulk user profile update process: Note The import only works for user profile properties that have not been set to be editable by end users.

Many enterprises need to replicate custom attributes to the Share Point user profile service, so a more performant user profile bulk API has been released, the User Profile. This is to prevent the user profile import process from overriding any information that an end user has already updated.

Below is the table schema – IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[Customers]') AND type in (N'U')) DROP TABLE [dbo].[Customers] GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Customers]( [Customer ID] [nchar](5) NOT NULL, [Company Name] [nvarchar](40) NOT NULL, [Contact Name] [nvarchar](30) NULL, [Contact Title] [nvarchar](30) NULL, [Address] [nvarchar](60) NULL, [City] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Region] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Postal Code] [nvarchar](10) NULL, [Country] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Phone] [nvarchar](24) NULL, [Fax] [nvarchar](24) NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_Customers1] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [Customer ID] ASC ) ) GOALFKI, Alfreds Futterkiste, Maria Anders1, Sales Representative, Obere Str. Fax) WHEN MATCHED -- If not matched then UPDATE THEN UPDATE SET Target Table.

57, Berlin, NULL,12209, Germany,030-0074321,030-0076545 ANATR, Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados, Ana Trujillo, Owner, Avda. F., NULL,5021, Mexico,(5) 555-4729,(5) 555-3745 ANTON, Antonio Moreno Taquer¡a, Antonio Moreno, Owner, Mataderos 2312, M‚xico D.

F., NULL,5022, Mexico,(5) 555-3392,(5) 555-7293CREATE PROCEDURE SP_Import Customer Data AS BEGIN -- Creating a Temproary Table for importing the data from csv file.

CREATE TABLE #Customers( [Customer ID] [nchar](5) NOT NULL, [Company Name] [nvarchar](40) NOT NULL, [Contact Name] [nvarchar](30) NULL, [Contact Title] [nvarchar](30) NULL, [Address] [nvarchar](60) NULL, [City] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Region] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Postal Code] [nvarchar](10) NULL, [Country] [nvarchar](15) NULL, [Phone] [nvarchar](24) NULL, [Fax] [nvarchar](24) NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_Customers1] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [Customer ID] ASC ) ); -- Inserting all the from csv to temproary table using BULK INSERT BULK INSERT #Customers FROM 'D:\Blog\Import Data\Customer Import.csv' WITH ( FIELDTERMINATOR = ',', ROWTERMINATOR = '\n' ); -- Selecting the records from temproary table. -- SELECT * FROM #Customers; -- By using MERGE statement, inserting the record if not present and updating if exist. Contact Title, Source Table.[Address], Source Table.

The SQL SP would be: CREATE PROCEDURE SP_Import Customer Data AS BEGIN CREATE TABLE #Temp City( [Id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [Country] [varchar](50) NULL, [State] [varchar](50) NULL, [City] [varchar](50) NULL, [Remarks] [varchar](200) NULL ) ON [PRIMARY]; BULK INSERT #Temp City FROM 'C:\Blog\test1.csv' WITH ( FIELDTERMINATOR = ',', ROWTERMINATOR = '\n' ); MERGE Temp City AS Target Table USING #Temp City AS Source Table ON (Target Table. Id) WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET THEN INSERT (Country, State, City, Remarks) VALUES(Source Table.

In this example, identity resolution is based on the Id Name property, and there are two properties that are being updated called City and Office.

The file contains information for four different accounts within the tenant.

Requirement 2: In some cases, the requirement is to not include the autoincrement id in the input csv/xml file. Remarks) WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET Target Table.

Remarks; SELECT * FROM Temp City; ENDIf we run this SP, this will insert/update the Temp City table from the input csv file.

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