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The architecture of the site is a fantastic example of the merger of European and Amerindian styles, presenting a combination of Catholic and indigenous aesthetics.Meaning ‘Island of the Sun’, Isla del Sol is located in the southern regions of the Titicaca lake and therefore difficult to visit due to its harsh terrain.This statue of Jesus Christ (Christ Of Peace) provides stunning views of Cochabamba.Although a little less famous than its cousin in Rio de Janeiro, the Christ Of Peace is equally as breathtaking and actually a little taller.You can choose to walk up over 2000 steps, or enjoy a smoother ride and take the cable car to the top.Completed in 1997, the statue took 10 years to finish and is especially worth visiting on Sundays, when visitors are allowed to travel to the peak of the statue and gaze over stunning views of the surrounding areas.Bolivia is less traveled than its neighbors, and although this means fewer flashy hotels, it also means that it harbors a culture that is raw and gratifying.

Rock art paintings of this kind usually reference animal sacrifices and hunting, in addition to shepherds and herding stock (in this case llama).

It is easily one of Bolivia’s best museums due to its surprising content and diversity.

Foot-stamped wine can be enjoyed at this 400 year old house, which has been producing the same high standard of wines since the 1970s. Located in Tarija in the South of Bolivia, the wine here is free from chemicals whilst the grapes benefit from the cool climate of El Valle de la Concepción, where the hilly temperatures provide the perfect environment for producing high quality wines.

The city of Sucre was the first capital of Bolivia and today this title still stands.

The beautiful city was founded just before 1540 and is adorned with Spanish colonial architecture.

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The stunning landscape of Bolivia is home to the largest salt flats in the world and the largest lake in South America.

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