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As I’ve gotten older, I realized that is not really what I want.

Finally, at 34, I am concentrating more on me; my focus is my career.”But Ben Raphel, 33, who chatted about his Cupid date with Alex Trebek during his 2017 appearance on Jeopardy!

“It’s really hard to be a woman in the dating world, and [paying] shows an understanding. “Everyone in the ’90s just married someone they went to high school with; it was a finite pool and you just picked the one you liked,” says Jen Deahl, whose A-rated date led nowhere though they swapped Snapchats. Check back in a couple of years.”Our daters say the Boston scene also has its downside, with ambition too often prioritized over romance.

I’m sitting there like, is this guy going to murder me or whatever? “Now, it’s unlimited options and you can find someone better, but it takes a bit longer. “Boston is a cold city for dating,” laments educator Kyle Crosby, who memorably brought a vase of flowers for his date. “People are here for their careers.”“I don’t go on dates at all,” says Tucker Berk, 27. She’s desperate [for me to find a girlfriend] at this point,” he says, laughing. Maybe.”Josh Roberts, who both works and attends grad school at Northeastern, is also not actively looking for another partner after recently ending a long-term relationship.

(Cupid daters learn only their date’s first name beforehand and don’t see a photo — and no contact information is shared unless they choose to do so.) They know how to reverse search a cellphone number or do a Google reverse image search on a profile picture.

“The rule in my house [is], if someone is going on an apps date, they tell us where they are going, and if they go back to their house, they text us the address,” says Kathryn Peneyra, one of the rare daters who did go out a few more times with her match.

Then I say thank you.” Nowadays, the challenge is not just getting a response to texts and calls, Kayla adds. “People would rather go through an app than a mutual friend,” says Ashley.I don’t mind waiting to meet the right person that I’ll actually have something in common with . “I’m trying to get into med school — I spend my days in the library.” His 2015 Cupid match went well, but she turned out to be a college friend’s ex-girlfriend, which made him feel awkward. “My life has been obsessed with finding the right person and getting married,” he says.“My parents had this storybook romance; they’ve been together 53 years.What they reported back to us, for instance, may not always have been entirely the truth.One admitted that she wasn’t physically attracted to her match right off the bat but didn’t want to state that harsh reality in the column.

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n February 2009, the Globe Magazine debuted Dinner with Cupid, a column that aims to match up Boston’s singles, send them out on blind dates at local eateries, and have them report back about what happened.

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