Blackberry messenger picture not updating

To change your availability status, click the Track Wheel on the Contact List screen.

If your status is currently “Available,” click Available.

To message someone, click a contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Options.’ Clear the Vibrate When Receiving a Ping check box.) To reply to a message click the wheel and click on ‘Reply’, type message and then click ‘Send’. Closing your Black Berry Messenger, does not automatically end existing conversations. A bubble icon in the Black Berry device status section of the screen indicates that a new instant message has arrived.

To end a conversation simply click the Track Wheel and click ‘End Conversation.’ You can add an additional chatter during a conversation. Conversations that are still active when the Black Berry device is turned off are re-activated when the Black Berry device is turned on.

A contact is an individual Black Berry Messenger user.

Click on ‘Contacts.’ From the resulting menu, click on ‘Add a Contact.’ Click ‘Use Once’.

You can then ask this contact if they wish to be a contact on your list. Click ‘OK.’ If you request a contact by PIN and they are listed in your address book their contact name appears as their ascribed name, not their PIN number. Hopefully it isn’t too long before you receive a reply.(Note: During a conversation you can click the Track Wheel.

Also may help with common email issues (unable to add account/connect to email server).

If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant....

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