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That's a pretty good shot in my book." Now That's Awesome (2000) [about an incident in a coffee shop] I go "I just want a cup of black coffee." She goes "Do you want to try a biscotti? And I started thinking what would be awesome for Bill Engvall? And it would have to be if I left this stage tonight and went back to my hotel room.

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Lauren meets a mechanic she's interested in dating, however Bob doesn't think too highly of him and judges the guy by his looks.

Bill Engvall Stand Up Jokes "I'd love to be a woman for one day of my life...... Now, the other side of that coin is that -- cause you're in your fifties -- you still care what people think about you. Now if that's the case, I can't wait until I'm eighty. Does Grandma hold her farts in at the dinner table? She'll fart at the pearly gates on her way to meet sweet Jesus.

Meanwhile, Lauren tries to get her parents to let her get a piercing.

Among the many things Bill has to deal with include helping his oldest son do a five-page paper overnight after attending a parent-teacher conference and getting off on the wrong foot with the teacher, his youngest son's missing constrictor snake, and his daughter's fender bender (after she caught him "arguing" with his wife).

And then you get a little older, you go to applesauce. Fluffy can wrap around us while we make love." I said, "No, he can't. ” He says, “It makes his turds taste bad.” “I’m sorry, Doc, did you just say ‘it will make his turds taste bad’? Think about this, when you’re born, you nurse on your mama. My bitch in high school had a 12 foot boa constrictor, she named it Fluffy. Well, we go over to her house, I don't know about the snake, and she says, "Hang on while I get into something more comfortable, okay? " A few minutes later, she comes out wearing that snake around her neck, I'm backin' away, saying, "No thanks, I can drive." She says to me, "No, wait, Bill. " I took Duke to the vet ’cause he eats his own turds, and I asked the vet, “Isn’t that unusual? Just take some of this powder here, sprinkle it on his food and it’ll make him stop.” I said, “What’s it do?Trent gets his shot at being the starting quarterback, which leads Bill to become overzealous in getting Trent to "get up" for the game.We get in [the club], and we are totally out of our element. There's this synthesizer-computer music going, there's these laser lights and black lights. So we're standing there having a beer and all of sudden my friend goes, 'Hey man, check out that table over there.

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